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Barbara J. Feldman

Christmas Trivia

Yup, it is March. But we just added Christmas Trivia. Woot! You can view sample Christmas questions here, or click on "Login and Play" to begin a game.

Welcome to Free Kids Trivia

Welcome to Free Kids Trivia. We have trivia quizzes on Harry Potter, Science, US Presidents, SAT Vocabulary, US History, and World Capitals. If you don't care about seeing your name on the high scores Honor Roll, you can play as a guest. Otherwise, take a minute to register for a free user name.

To play, first login (or click Play As Guest) and then you'll get to choose your category. Remember, you can't select a category until you have logged in, or clicked Play as Guest. If you want to just get a feel for the questions, you can browse any of the categories (just look in the right-hand menu under Popular Clicks.)

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